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How we can help

Not sure what to do? We can help with deciding the best option whether conservative or the decision to do TPLO. This service is discuss all the options, our experience with different approaches and Q & A to answer any questions prior to your decision.  We also pride ourselves on providing home exercise programs to help speed up the recovery time while not using an underwater treadmill.

Your dog just had surgery, and you have been told to do the under water treadmill-BUT your dog hates water, or you are interested in being able to do a home program.  We can help.  Once the stitches have been removed you can begin sessions.  The goal is to gradually increase the load on the joint, helping the bone to heal quicker.  At the same time you want to reduce muscle loss, and “keep your dog out of trouble while on lock down”.  This is our specialty, we know dogs and have developed a unique approach to rehab without the use of an underwater treadmill.  My question is; does a human with hip or knee replacement use an underwater treadmill? (as an aside I had an underwater treadmill for 15 years).  The answer is no!  So now what.  Our focus is on answering questions or concerns, using Low Level Laser for bone healing, looking at the body as a whole and treating secondary compensational issues, and demonstrating to owners exercises you can do at home during the recovery process. 

We use various modalities like radial shockwave, electro-acupressure and manual therapy techniques to help speed up recovery.  

We are happy to help.  Over the past 15 years we have worked with thousands of senior dogs.  Sometimes the diagnosis is complicated with other orthopedic issues.  We provide a robust initial assessment from “top to bottom” to figure out the best course of action for each dog.  Check our services page for more information

CBD is becoming very popular among many pet owners today. Almost every conversation in my practise starts with “what do you know about CBD” or “I have bought xyz product what do you think?” Did you know CBD products marketed for pets is illegal in Canada?  We have several programs to help you navigate this new emerging field.

We provide manual therapies such as:

Joint mobilizations (similar to chiropractiic but not grade 4 maniupulation) electro-acupressure, alpha-stim, PEMF, Low Lever Laser, Radial Shockwave, Myofascial release, acupressure, osteopathy, massage. 


Cooming very soon, online courses to help pet owners navigate injuries, injury prevention, and lots of free information.  Interested, please sign up for our newsletter to keep in the know!

Are you looking for Canine Rehab online?

Exercise and diet for your dog is the foundation for a long life.   At Canine Wellness Rehab Online, the goal is to empower owners to be part of the solution for longevity.  As a Veterinary Technician and Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner since 2003, I have worked with thousands of dogs providing injury prevention as well as treating many orthopedic and neurologic conditions for a wide variety of breeds.  Currently my passion is to take all the knowledge I have gained over the past years and be able to help as many pets as possible through online courses at Canine Wellness Centre.  

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Our 11+-year-old Lab has mobility issues due to a bulging disc in her neck. She improved immensely under Tania’s care. We participated in Tania’s initial cannabis counselling regimen as a case study and the results were impressive. We would occasionally use Gabapentin and Metacam for flare-ups, but since transitioning to the newer CBD + CBG regimen Tania developed, we have not had to use the prescription drugs so far. Our dog has interest in play again and even did a couple of very short runs in the last few weeks since starting the CBD + CBG, and this is the best she’s been in over a year.
S.A. Hearne
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Apr 3, 2022 Once again Tania has engaged in a new endeavour to enhance her professional standing and once again she has been a teacher a mentor and a strong supporter of those taking part in something for the first time. She is knowledgeable supportive and patient...what more could you ask for! Thanks for all you continue to do for Gainey and Skyler. We love you!
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Sandy S